Master Trainer War Child Interventions


Stichting War Child Alliance Foundation is an independent and impartial international non-governmental organization investing in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict. War Child strives to empower children and young people, while enabling adults to bring about positive and lasting change in the lives of conflict affected children and young people.

Over the last six years, War Child invested in a Research Agenda to develop, pilot and evaluate interventions and tools that can improve children and youth’s psychosocial wellbeing. War Child develops these interventions and tools to be implemented within our organisation - across the countries we work in, and to share them with potential partners to reach global scale.

Given the current gaps and needs of refugee children and youth in the Netherlands, War Child has decided to also start implementing a set of tools and interventions in the Netherlands. Several research reports indicate a gap in mental health support for refugees in crisis- and asylum seeker centers as well as shelters for Ukrainian refugees. Gaps are identified when it comes to detecting children in need of extra psychosocial support as well as focused mental healthcare interventions for children and psychosocial support for caregivers who suffer from stress.

War Child tools and interventions that are suitable with regards the identified gaps:


War Child has developed a tool which aims to improve help-seeking among children and youth in need of mental healthcare by strengthening proactive detection and help-seeking encouragement. The tool is developed in such a way that everyone, also non-professionals, can learn to detect children in need of extra mental support and encourage help-seeking with their caregivers.

EASE (Early Adolescent Skills for Emotions)

War Child has, led by WHO, developed, piloted and researched EASE, with the aim to train communities and partner organisations to implement quality and timely mental support to youth.

EASE is an early treatment intervention for groups of youth (10-15 years old) exposed to armed conflict, displacement, and other forms of adversity. The program is designed to help reduce stress and improve the wellbeing of youth who experience mental health problems.


War Child has developed a group intervention for parents and caregivers of children exposed to armed conflict, displacement, and other forms of adversity. The program is designed to help parents and other caregivers reduce their own stress and find greater support, so that they feel better emotionally, and have more energy to be the kind of parents they wish to be.

The intervention aims to increase knowledge and skills related to parenting, in order to lower the stress of raising children in difficult conditions.

Purpose of the assignment

The aim of this assignment is to support, train and supervise War Child’s partners to implement one or more of the above mentioned tools or interventions, including basic child safeguarding training and support. This includes contributing to contextualizing the tools and interventions to specific target groups and quality assurance of the implementation after training.

Positioning within the Organisation

This secondment falls under the current Institutional Fundraising & National Programmes of War Child the Netherlands, which is a fundraising entity of the broader War Child Alliance Foundation. You will report to the coordinator National Programmes.


The trainer will complete the following tasks for ReachNow, EASE and/or BeThere, as requested:

● Coordinate, plan and follow-up training and supervision with partners as necessary

● Provide technical advice to the contextualization of tools and interventions for specific target groups and ensure processes are followed

● Contribute to the development of a tool or intervention toolkit

● Prepare training for supervisors, trainers and facilitators

● Facilitate training with supervisors, trainers and facilitators

● Supervise implementation of trained supervisors, trainers and facilitators

● Ensure quality of care data are being collected during implementation

● Potential travel to Ukraine for training and knowledge exchange

Knowledge and Skills

● Academic background in psychology or a mental health field.

● Excellent and proven training and facilitation skills.

● Ideally 5 years of experience working in the NGO sector, experience with evidence-based methodologies is a plus.

● Knowledge and understanding of child safeguarding policy development & training

● Excellent English language skills

● Arabic, Dutch and Ukrainian are highly desired.

● Coordination and planning skills

● Positive attitude and spirit

● Passion for children and adolescents’ mental health and wellbeing

Length of assignment

We will determine for each training assignment a specific work schedule, which will include all details, amongst which the location and length of the assignment.

Payment schedule

The trainer can create monthly invoices, with an activity sheet and timesheet attached, based on a standard fee and travel expenses.

The safety of children is essential to War Child. War Child does not tolerate or accept any form of abuse. This subject is addressed in our recruitment and selection procedures.

Is dit niet jouw droombaan? Steun War Child Nederland door deze vacature te delen met je netwerk!


War Child werkt vanuit humanitaire waarden en normen. Van mogelijke nieuwe collega’s vragen we hetzelfde. Voor War Child staat de veiligheid van de kinderen en jongeren die we steunen voorop. We bestrijden elke vorm van misbruik. Omdat we willen dat kinderen en jongeren geen enkel risico lopen komt dit uitgebreid aan bod bij de werving van nieuwe collega’s. Als onderdeel van sollicitaties vragen we daarom om referenties naar aanleiding van het Inter-Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme en een recente Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (VOG).

Gelijke kansen

War Child droomt dat alle kinderen in vrede kunnen leven, wie ze ook zijn en waar ze ook opgroeien. Daarom is War Child trots dat we gelijke kansen bieden aan iedereen die met ons wil werken. We bevorderen diversiteit en willen dat iedereen zich bij ons thuis voelt. War Child selecteert mogelijke nieuwe collega’s ongeacht hun gender, ras, nationaliteit, beperking, leeftijd of seksuele voorkeur.


We besteden zoveel mogelijk van onze inkomsten aan de ondersteuning van kinderen en jongeren. Daarom werken we efficiënt. Dat betekent dat we alleen sollicitaties bekijken die we via onze websites ontvangen. Mochten we een geschikte persoon vinden vóór de sluitingsdatum, verwijderen we de vacature van onze websites. Sollicitaties die we later ontvangen, kunnen we dan niet meer in behandeling nemen.