War Child Team Experience

With the War Child Team Experience, you grow closer as a team. You personally experience what our activities mean for children processing war-related experiences. And how they can also help unite your team, bringing out the best in each other. The War Child Team Experience is surprising and prompts reflection. Additionally, you contribute to our work. A true win-win situation.
War Child Team Experience - Doe jij mee met jouw bedrijf?


Foto: War Child



What is the War Child Team Experience?

The War Child Team Experience is specially designed to allow companies to experience the power of War Child. We bring our work closer through active games, all in a creative and playful manner, as only War Child knows how to do.

Research indicates that this approach is also highly valuable for teams. The War Child Team Experience is built on the same values we hold for children growing up with war and violence: safety, self-confidence, and social bonding.

We are convinced that the work of War Child is not only impactful for children, but can also be significant for adults and teams. And, you also directly contribute to expanding War Child's activities worldwide.

“You get to know someone better through playing for an hour, than talking for a year"
Richard Lingard, Irish author

War Child

War Child helps children that are growing up in war and violence to process their intense experiences. We teach them deal with their emotions through music, sport, and play, and how to make connections and friends again. And we address children’s resilience, in order for them to build their own future. In addition, we would like to inspire people as much as possible to support us in our mission. The War Child Team Experience directly contributes to this. We offer an insight into our work and establish long-term relationships with the companies that support us. Together we can make a difference.

A War Child Team Experience for your team?

What we offer:

  • An energetic and active experience (6 hours)
  • Two enthusiastic facilitators who will inspire you
  • All the necessary material
  • A way to get to know each other better in a playful manner

Practical information:

  • The War Child Team Experience costs are 4800 Euro
  • This will make it possible for 50 children to participate in our programmes for one year
  • The majority of this amount is a donation and can therefore be tax deductible
  • A group consists of at least 10 and no more than 15 people
  • Can be conducted in both English and Dutch
  • Location and lunch are not included
“The War Child Team Experience is a unique interpretation of a non-profit donation from your CSR budget. It is a meaningful team activity that has an impact on the children, but also on your team and your organisation"
Simone Vlaar, Executive Assistant with Rituals Cosmetics Enterprise bv

We hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are. Would you like to know more about the War Child Team Experience? Then please register below.

You can also send an email to: teamexperience@warchild.nl.