Open Call for Expression of Interest For Hostile Environment Security Awareness Training

Reference: NL-HO-0009

Framework Arrangement


Stichting War Child Holland (War Child) is a non-governmental organisation, investing in a peaceful future for children affected by armed conflict by focusing on education, psychosocial support and enhanced protection. War Child operates in many countries around the world. Our Head Office is based in Amsterdam. Please see for further details of our work.


War Child currently works in 12 field countries across the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Yemen, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, DR. Congo, Burundi, and Colombia. War Child works with approximately 22 international staff and 325 national staff worldwide, and sometimes engages consultants and volunteers on a per-need basis.

The purpose of this Call is to solicit competitive proposals and to create a framework register of selected service providers for provision of Hostile Environment Security Awareness trainings.

Key requirements include:

a) Provide ‘Hostile Environment Security Awareness’ trainings for War Child staff, consultants, and volunteers. The trainings prepare them to travel and work effectively in areas affected by high crime rates, high poverty, conflict, low infrastructure and/or low Rule of Law.

b) Provide in-house security related trainings based on War Child’s specific requirements for skill and knowledge development.

War Child is primarily looking for service providers to deliver these trainings at locations within Europe, precisely in the Netherlands, Sweden, or Germany.

War Child is considering five categories of groups for training:

a) International staff (to be or already) deployed in the field on long-term assignment, usually one year or more;

b) International staff (to be or already) deployed in the field on short-term assignment, usually six months or less;

c) Home office staff working in the Netherlands, Sweden, or Germany who make short-term visits to field countries;

d) Consultants and volunteers who undertake short-term visits to field countries;

e) National staff living and working in field countries

For the last category above (e), War Child would also consider options for the service provider to provide on-site trainings in the field countries or within their region.

War Chid operates with low-cost aim, and pricing is therefore a key component in our bid evaluation process.

War Child also accepts pro-bono services and goods.


This opportunity is open to all qualified companies. Interested parties are advised to contact War Child at to obtain the Prequalification Questionnaire.


The deadline for submission of Expression of Interest through the Prequalification Questionnaire is September 2nd, 2019 at 12:00 pm Local time of the Netherlands. Late submissions will not be accepted.