Framework Agreement Call for Tenders For Provision of Technology Consultancy Services

Reference: NL-HO-0004


War Child Holland (WCH) is a non-governmental organisation, investing in a peaceful future for children affected by armed conflict by focusing on education, psychosocial support and enhanced protection. We use creative methods to empower children, young people and their communities to become socially active and to achieve positive and lasting changes in their lives. WCH is both self-implementing and cooperates with a variety of partner organisations in 13 countries around the world. Our Head Office is based in Amsterdam. Please see for further details of our work.

More than 35 Million children worldwide are denied schooling due to conflict. War Child, together with stakeholders from the public and private sector, has developed a breakthrough innovative education project called Can’t Wait to Learn (CWTL). The project, a tablet based educational game for out of school children, has been successfully piloted in Sudan, and is now taken to scale to reach children affected by the Syrian refugee crisis and South Sudanese refugee children in Uganda. Major supporters including USAID, IKEA Foundation, the Dutch Postcode Lottery, and have committed support to the project. Can’t Wait to Learn is part of the Humanitarian Education Accelerator led by UNICEF and UNHCR and funded by DFID. Our aim is to take this project to scale and to reach many more children in the years to come.

CWTL proposes new cost-effective solutions to the urgent challenges facing education for children in emergencies. By utilising innovative technological solutions with a focus on serious gaming, CWTL has the potential to provide out-of-school children with access to education opportunities, especially in rural areas where no formal schools exist. The programme uses education technology as part of a model of education which is offering certified curriculum level content through applied gaming and personalised pupil engagement. The programme uses a range of innovative, results focused approaches: combining context specific applied gaming and community-based facilitation instead of waiting for formal schools to be built; a strong innovation management staged approach to growth with rigorous appropriate research; and focusing on getting the right partnerships in place.


The purpose of this Call for Tenders is to solicit competitive proposals and create a framework register of consultants for the supply of Technology Consultancy Services.

The Framework Agreement (FWA) will define commercial conditions between WCH and the selected supplier, applicable to the purchase of specifically identified services for a period of 12 months, with an option to extend up to a period of 24 months, subject to satisfactory performance of consultant and availability of funding. The Framework Agreement is not, in itself, a commitment to purchase. It states the conditions that would apply if WCH decides to place a future order.

Once a need arises, WCH will issue a Statement of Work (SOW), clearly defining the purpose, scope, duration, and the specific task requirements, and invite those consultants from the register whose skill-set most closely matches the requirements, to submit their proposals. WCH will then select and contract the consultant with the best offer.


You will find detailed information related to technical specifications, selection criteria, scoresheet, etc., in the bidding documents.

Lot No. 1: General CWTL Technology Management – 52 Days

1) Develop and lead the product strategy and road map for software architecture and data management, including data privacy and security for the immediate and longer term (future proofing)

2) Scoping resources, budget, and developing processes for the technology components of the programme in preparation for expected scale up

3) Identify potential new technology suppliers and partners and participate in the steering committees for the game supplier and other core technology suppliers.

4) Management and documentation of tech Key Performance Indicator achievement, including developing and implementing corrective actions as required.

5) Ensure good documentation of service processes and ancillary CWTL products, including the Mobile Device Management (MDM) application and CWTL Management Portal.

Lot No. 2: Programme IT Operations – 104 Days

1) Advising the design and functionality of support services, including the helpdesk system and first (field level), second and third line support functions.

2) Coordinating third line (supplier level) support when necessary.

3) Support country rollout activities, including:

- participation in procurement committees,

- optimizing system for planning and management of tablet monitoring

- planning and management of software installation and data collection scripts and updates

Lot No. 3: Product Development Management – 52 Days

1) Significant contribution to development of cost-effective game build processes and game architecture in collaboration with Programme Director, Deputy Programme Director, Quality Assurance Advisor, Content Coordinator, Design Lead and educational and technology specialists.

2) Responsible for prototyping and scale up MDM regarding software installation, updates, monitoring, data transfer and provisioning, potentially productizing MDM innovations


This tender opportunity is open to all qualified institutions and individual consultants. Interested vendors are advised to contact WCH at to obtain the bidding documents free of charge.

Please note that the publication of this Tender Notice doesn’t commit WCH to implement the announced procurement.


The deadline (receiving date, not sending date) for submission of tenders is 10th May, 2019, at 23:59 local time of the Netherlands. Late bids will not be accepted.