Framework Agreement Call for Proposals For Provision of Technical Writing Services

Reference: CWTL1904011


Can’t Wait to Learn (CWTL) proposes new cost-effective solutions to the urgent challenges facing education for children in emergencies. By utilising innovative technological solutions with a focus on serious gaming, CWTL has the potential to provide out-of-school children with access to education opportunities, especially in rural areas where no formal schools exist. The programme uses education technology as part of a model of education which is offering certified curriculum level content through applied gaming and personalised pupil engagement. The programme uses a range of innovative, results focused approaches: combining context specific applied gaming and community-based facilitation instead of waiting for formal schools to be built; a strong innovation management staged approach to growth with rigorous appropriate research; and focusing on getting the right partnerships in place.

War Child Holland works through commissioning products and services to be provided by supplier organisations and individual consultants. These will assist the programme to offer innovative and cost-efficient solutions in order to provide education to an increasingly large number of students in multiple countries.


The purpose of this Call for Proposals is to solicit competitive offers and to create a framework register of consultants for the supply of Technical Writing Services.

The Framework Agreement (FWA) will define commercial conditions between WCH and the supplier, applicable to the purchase of specifically identified services for a period of 12 months. The Framework Agreement is not, in itself, a commitment to purchase. It states the conditions that would apply if WCH decides to place a future order.

Once a need arises, WCH will issue a Statement of Work (SOW), clearly defining the purpose, scope, duration, and the specific task requirements, and invite those consultants from the register whose skill-set most closely matches the requirements, to submit their proposals. WCH will then select and contract the consultant with the best offer.

Total quantities mentioned in this Call for Proposals are estimates of WCH’s needs and can in no case be considered as a firm commitment from WCH.


You will find detailed information related to technical specifications and selection criteria in the Request for Proposals document.

The Technical Writing Services requested will assist the developing, editing and re-writing of technical programme documentation for audiences defined by the project. To compile these, the Technical Writer will consult with the CWTL programme team on the appropriate format, compile and edit any existing documentation, identify areas in which documentation is missing and work with the team to produce them, re-write or edit documentation.

  • Analysis of existing CWTL documentation relevant to the concerned project
  • Production or re-writing of text for technical programme documentation. This includes process descriptions and explanation of various tools and templates
  • Editing and Compilation of technical programme documentation into final products


This opportunity is open to all qualified institutions and individual consultants. Interested suppliers are advised to contact WCH at to obtain the Request for Proposals documents free of charge.

Please note that the publication of this Request for Proposals doesn’t commit WCH to implement the announced procurement.


The deadline (receiving date, not sending date) for submission of proposals is 19 May, 2019, at 23:59 local time of the Netherlands. Late proposals will not be accepted.