War Child wouldn’t be War Child without volunteers. Because of the voluntary effort of many of our co-workers we can limit our operational costs. This benefits our work in the field. We take our volunteers seriously. We offer you guidance, and keep you in close contact with our work in the field through our weekly Tam Tam gatherings and various events such as 538voorWarChild. As a volunteer in our head office you gain useful working experience, you can enjoy a free lunch in our lively canteen and are entitled to reimbursement of your travel expenses. Unfortunately, due to the large number of volunteer applications we can’t offer a position to everybody. That’s why we follow a strict selection procedure.

Volunteers in the field
As is the case with interns, War Child preferably works with local volunteers in our program countries. They walk the walk and talk the talk. They are better informed about local structures and habits. We think that when our work is done and War Child shifts focus toward other conflict affected areas, it’s important that knowledge and experience are conserved in the program countries. That’s why we almost exclusively work with local volunteers.  

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