Marginalisation Research Consultant - Ukraine Response Team

‘Consultant skilled in research and passionate about inclusion and human rights’

This is a temporary 60-day consultancy over a maximum period of 4 months, but with a preference for 3 continuous months. To be home-based with travel an integral part of the consultancy in order to undertake research (subject to security constraints). To start as soon as possible, but no later than end of January 2023

War Child in Ukraine

War Child is an independent, and impartial international non-governmental organization investing in a peaceful future for children and young people affected by armed conflict.

War Child interventions aim at improving the well-being and resilience of vulnerable children and youth, by supporting them to shape their own future, together with partners, care givers and communities, creating a lasting impact. The interventions are carried out through a participatory community-based approach that seeks to strengthen existing systems and structures within the communities to (re)create a stable, safe, and supportive environment for children and youth, besides involvement of relevant government agencies in the implementation.

Following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, War Child began responding through a local partnership model in Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine. Within the first six months of the response, War Child and its partners reached over 800 frontline workers with MHPSS or CP training, and over 25,000 individuals with PSS services, ECD activities, child protection messaging, or vouchers to support basic needs. The response is a joint response from War Child Holland and War Child UK as sister organisations.

Your Challenge

The starting point of this research is the recognition that conflict exacerbates existing vulnerabilities and marginaliastion. If humanitarian aid does not take a sensitive, or ideally responsive and/or transformative stance vis-à-vis these vulnerabilities, this can hamper marginalised groups’ access to humanitarian aid and further exacerbate vulnerability.

War Child works entirely through local partners in the Ukraine response across Moldova, Romania, Hungary, and Ukraine to support children affected by conflict, including marginalised groups, such as Roma Ukrainians. The Consultant will use this as a starting point to research how marginalised groups have been able to access humanitarian aid. The Consultant will visit Ukraine and neighbouring countries to interview partners and conduct key informant interviews with other iNGOs, the UN, Advocacy Working Group Coordinators, interviewing affected populations where possible. This research will culminate in a report with concrete suggestions on the following topics:

(i) Identification of marginalised groups within the aid response, and thereby generation of vulnerability criteria to be included within eligibility for projects and disaggregated data of needs assessments

(ii) A top-line analysis of the needs and access requirements of the marginalised groups identified, including Roma

(iii) How to mainstream inclusion within the response with regard to different marginalised groups, and generation of practical suggestions to reduce barriers in accessing humanitarian aid within the Ukraine response is more accessible

(iv) Using the outcomes of the research, top-line suggestions on stakeholders to target with the findings and key messages tailored for each stakeholder, including policy changes at the international donor level.

Your Responsibilities

Defining scope of research, with regard to marginalised groups to focus on (at a minimum, Roma, but more to be explored), and geographical scope (15 days)

  • Desk review on access of marginalised groups to humanitarian aid within the Ukraine response to define geographical and demographic scope, looking into access of Roma populations and assessing assess of other marginalised groups (5 days)
  • Establishing contact with and holding interviews with key stakeholders to support decision-making on geographical and demographic scope (5 days)
  • With Head of Humanitarian Programming, developing a suggestion as to scope of research (Ukraine at a minimum, and a maximum of one other neighbouring country), developing budgets for local partners to support data collection where necessary, and ensuring relevant approvals with senior management (5 days)

Research trip (15 days)

  • Key informant interviews with UN, iNGOs, Governments, Advocacy Working Group coordinators, civil society, activists (5 days)
  • Interviews with partner organisations and direct observation of work (5 days)
  • Interviews with affected population (5 days)

Drafting of report (20 days)

  • Dictation of interviews and other admin necessary after trip (5 days)
  • With War Child technical staff, development of key suggestions for humanitarian actors to render the response more accessible to marginalised groups, perhaps as the outcome of a workshop (5 days)
  • Drafting of report for review by HoHP, Programmatic Staff, Comms, and Directors of International Programes (10 days)

Dissemination plan (10 days)

  • Hold internal workshop with Ukraine response staff and key strategic partner (2 days)
  • Work with Head of Advocacy (WCUK) and Director of Communications (WCH) to establish a dissemination plan, with regard to potential sensitivities around the data collected (5 days)
  • Finalise report for approval by War Child Holland and UK CEOs Miscellaneous tasks (3 days)

Your Profile


  • Strong experience in independently leading humanitarian research for advocacy projects
  • Proven research skills, especially in qualitative data collection and analysis
  • Prior experience working in NGOs and/or humanitarian actors
  • Relevant academic background e.g. Management, Social Sciences, Community Development, Child Rights, Social Work, Education, etc.
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken


  • Spoken fluency in Ukrainian, Russian, or Hungarian, highly desirable
  • Experience within the Ukraine response and/or humanitarian aid in Eastern Europe
  • Solid experience in working with local partners and communities, and community-based work
  • Understanding of marginalisation and experience working with Roma and/or other marginalised groups
  • Experience in and technical knowledge in some of the following domains: Child Protection, Psychosocial Support, Education, Youth Empowerment Capacity building experience
  • Management experience
  • Understanding of Ukrainian context highly desirable
  • Fluency in Ukrainian or Russian highly desirable
  • Experience in humanitarian sector desirable, but not strictly necessary
  • Experience in budgeting
  • Experience in business development and forging partnerships
  • Experience in fundraising

Personal skills

  • Persuasive, clear, concise writing skills, with an attention to detail
  • Detail oriented and ability to bring together large concepts into main themes for action
  • Independent worker, able to structure work with minimal supervision
  • Excellent communication, relationship building, interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity
  • Stress-resilient to be able to cope with complex problems, security issues and deadlines
  • Affinity with War Child’s mandate.

Our offer: Consultancy contract duration 60 days, to start asap, no later than end of January 2023.

The role will be home-based with travel an integral part of the consultancy in order to undertake research (subject to security constraints).

War Child is a young and dynamic organisation. We try to keep an informal ambiance within our working space, with a lot of room for creativity, inspiration and self-initiative from employees. We practice what we preach: dynamic, innovative, integrity focused and a drive to reach the highest possible results against the lowest possible costs.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates are invited to apply by no later than 29th November 2022. Please mail your English CV (maximum of two pages) and cover letter here:

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Is this not your dream opportunity? Support War Child by sharing this consultancy with your network!


War Child is committed to humanitarian values, standards and norms and we expect the same from job applicants. War Child is especially committed to safeguarding the children and youth we support and doesn’t tolerate any form of abuse. Because we want to prevent and deter any actions that place children and youth at risk, conduct references are an important part of our recruitment procedure. As part of the selection process, War Child will request standardized references in accordance with the Inter-Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme and a recent Criminal Records statement.

Equal opportunity

War Child has a dream that every child lives in peace - no matter who or where they are. That’s why we pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer. We promote diversity and belonging in everything we do and select our potential new colleagues without regard to gender, race, colour, religion, nationality, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Application process

To ensure that we spend as much of our resources on the support of children and youth, War Child needs to operate as efficiently as possible. This means we can only process job applications received through our websites.

If we appoint a suitable candidate before the given closing date, the vacancy will be removed from our websites. In this case, any responses received after removal will not be processed. Sometimes the closing date of a vacancy is extended. If so, and you have not yet heard from us, your application will remain active.