This has to stop. Now.

March 15th 2018 will mark the 7th anniversary of the ongoing devastating war in Syria. Is this how we will remember this day in Eastern Ghouta?
27 februari 2018


Welcome to the hell on earth. As War Child we feel ashamed for what is happening to children and families in Syria. Despite the ceasefire the bombings and shellings do continue. 

In the past few days front line humanitarian workers and children involved in humanitarian programs have been killed in Eastern Ghouta. People that risked their own lives to help others. Our thoughts are with their families and loved ones. And with all the people running and hiding for their lives. At this moment at least 350,000 besieged civilians are trapped in Ghouta, amongst them thousands of children.

There is a shortage of food and water. Schools are closed. Children’s futures are destroyed.

This has to stop. Now.


Photo: Ammar Al Bushy / Anadolu Agency