Corporate style

On this page you find the elements that form War Child’s corporate style.

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The icon that represents our organisation is our logo. The logo is shown in the colours red, black and white. Ideally, the logo is used on either a white or a black background. This way, the colors are well reflected and this creates optimal recognition. The colour version of the logo may never be used on a red background as this will render the frame invisible.

  • In principle, the logo is always shown in color. When this is not possible, the black and white or diapositive version of the logo is used.
  • Make sure that the logo is not too small. It should be readable.



Typography is the combination of the fonts used and the way fonts are applied in texts. In our corporate style we use three fonts:

  • Block Berthold (condensed)

Headings are displayed in typeface Block Berthold Condensed and is always used in capitals. Never use this font in an e-mail, presentation or Word document as this font is not available on computers as a standard, so might not be shown correctly.

  • FF Good (Light, Book, Black)

This font is used for body copy in our communication materials that are developed in a layout programme. For example, the body copy in a news letter, the address on your business card or body copy in reports. Also never use this font in an e-mail, presentation or word document for the same reason as mentioned above.

  • Arial (Regular, Italic, Bold)

For all other materials, we use Arial. For example in letters, PowerPoint presentations, e-mails, training materials, requests for subsidies, etc.



Using this visual device, you can emphasise elements in your communication. You can use them for a text bar or illustrations. There are templates available bars and frames with torn edges. Pictures of children or people are preferably not torn. When a torn edge is not possible or when there are reasons why this would be inappropriate for a specific communication or target group, a straight bar / line can be used instead. Always use the correct logo, colours and type font. The visual device can be used whenever possible.


War Child's Brand Book can be requested via if you want more information and examples.