Skating Rink International School Hilversum

The kids of the internation school in Hilversum went skating today. The kids & parents who treated themselves to a drink or snack donated their change to War Child!
A very merry thank you to: Alicia (IS9c), Angus (IS10c), Billy (IS9a), Eleanore (IS7b), Eva (IS9a), Janna (IT9b), Jannik (IS10c), Julliene (S10a), Kira (IT9b), Madhu (IS9a), Marial (IS8a), Millie (IS9b), Nadav (IS9c), Philip & Bonne (IT9b), Roland (IS10c), Sabine (IS10a), Sullivan (IS9b) and Sylvia (IS9c).

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May i bum your change? € 25,00
These kids & parents donated their spare change during a school skating trip in Hilversum today to WarChild! Merci, thank you, gracias, dank je wel!
11 dec 2014

Streefbedrag € 25,00
Ingezameld € 25,00
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