SEMARE auction of Luigi Castiglioni artwork

As business friends of War Child, SEMARE will auction a limited edition reproduction by the artist Luigi Castiglioni for the children victim of War.

This auction is part of our 5 years celebration for which we are very pleased to be able to donate the artwork.

During our celebration cocktail, together with the French Chamber of Commerce, we proudly present a small selection of paintings and posters by Luigi Castiglioni, a popular and visionary artist and poster designer with a flair for morphing real life images in an often surrealistic world.
Luigi became well-known as painter by elevating sports illustrations to the level of art. Today his legacy is recognized and appreciated around the world.

Naam Bedrag Bericht Datum
Vincent € 50,00
01 mei 2016
Jonathan € 50,00
18 apr 2016
Alexander € 50,00
18 apr 2016
ANFY € 500,00
15 apr 2016
Karla Veenis € 30,00
Congrats SEMARE!
14 apr 2016
Emilie Descat € 30,00
14 apr 2016
Stephanie Moles-Rota € 50,00
Any donation helps, looking forward to your support tomorrow so that the children victim of war can find a safe space, education and happiness.
13 apr 2016

Streefbedrag € 2.000,00
Ingezameld € 760,00
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