Raising Money for Children who need a brighter future!

I would love to take the challenge of running 16km at the DAM TO DAM LOOP and raise money for a good cause.

War Child focuses on providing positive experiences for children at war. With positive memories it is possible to build a great future.

So lets work together on creating great memories and a bright future!

Please be so kind and make a donation :)

Pascal Borkhard

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Keno € 10,00
Wonderful engagement!
Have fun and good luck!
27 jun 2018
Anna W € 10,00
Great initiative and an inspiration to others, Pax!
I will follow your journey.

“Sometimes the best journeys aren’t necessarily from east to west, or from ground to summit, but from heart to head. Between them we find our voice.”
26 jun 2018
Justin € 10,00
Go Pasci!!!
25 jun 2018
Sherif € 10,00
Pascal you are a great person!
Go Pascal go go go!!!
20 jun 2018
Jonathan € 5,00
Dear Mr Borckhard,
I wish you the best of luck in your preparation for the run. As an experienced runner, I know the joy of preparing for a run. Make sure you alter from long distance training and interval training. The interval will help you with increasing your speed. The distance training will help you get used to running for a long time. Besides that, it's important to also keep your strength up in the gym by doing Squats etc. I've made the mistake of neglecting the strength training and I think that that gave me a runner's knee during my Marathon obstacle run.
Other then that Nutrition is of course a big part. Make sure you hid your minimum amount of calorie intake and train to get used to drinking and even eating during the run. xx
Pascal: "Thanks a lot for the tips and donation :)"
13 jun 2018
Richard Lansdorp € 10,00
Have a great run bro!
08 jun 2018
Bart Moelands € 20,00
Attempt number 10.
Make sure you rest the night before, unlike me. Good luck! Let me know your time
31 mei 2018
Eva € 20,00
Pascal: I am very happy to see your engagement. You have an additional motivation to run this run, besides getting your a*** up and do that only for you. Well played and go go goooooo!
28 mei 2018
Jonathan Krawczyk € 10,00
25 mei 2018
Nicolas Kordas € 10,00
Wonderful thing to do Pascal.
25 mei 2018
Johannes Schneiders € 10,00
25 mei 2018
Miau € 10,00
25 mei 2018
Sarah € 10,00
24 mei 2018
:) € 15,00
24 mei 2018

Streefbedrag € 550,00
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