Kili-Challenge 2019

On January 26th, 2019, together with a group of 16 others, I will be on my way to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. This is a 7 day climb (5 1/2 days up and 1 1/2 days down), organized by Mountain Network in Amsterdam and designed as a fundraiser for War Child. My initial motivation to do this came from the desire to both to plan a special trip and engage in some kind of volunteer work, in celebration of my 50th birthday. But the more I have learned about the values and the work of War Child, my motivation has shifted from self-focused interests to a strong desire to support this charity. In addressing the psychosocial and educational needs of children impacted by war, they contribute to more hopeful futures for both the children and the countries they live in. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro will be a big personal challenge for me, both mentally and physically, but when I think of the children who will benefit from the money raised, I become even more determined to succeed. Children don’t make war, and don’t choose to live in war-torn areas. Please read more about the work of this charity, and donate what you can. Thank you ❤️

Dontations made from the US can be made through:
At the bottom of the form, under "Donation to specific person", please write "Jessica Shinnick- Kili Challenge 2019"

Naam Bedrag Bericht Datum
Mary Pillarella € 42,76
15 nov 2018
Peggy € 10,00
Zet 'm op, Jessica en kom veilig terug! #Powervrouw
12 nov 2018
Yolanda € 20,00
Heel veel succes!!
Jessica : "Dank je wel, Yolanda! I really appreciate both your support and your encouragement "
07 nov 2018
Go go go € 20,00
Go go go girl!! Top goal!
Jessica : "Thank you thank you ! "
01 nov 2018
Charlotte € 200,00
Jessica : "You’re generosity has pushed me over my goal!!!! :-) "
28 okt 2018
Amber € 20,00
Gaaf! Stoer! Succes en sterkte gewenst!
Jessica : "Hartelijke bedankt, Amber! "
23 okt 2018
Sara Nanayakkara € 55,71
Jessica : "Thank you, thank you, xx"
23 okt 2018
Christine Lake € 42,76
Jessica : "I really appreciate you’re enthusiastic support, Christine! "
23 okt 2018
Tineke € 10,00
Jessica : "Thank you, Tineke. If everyone added a drop... "
21 okt 2018
Maaike € 25,00
Jessica : "Thanks, Maaike, I appreciate your support"
20 okt 2018
Succes € 20,00
Succes bij het inzamelen van geld, maar ook bij de klim.
Jessica : "Thank you "
20 okt 2018
Teana Boston-Mammah € 20,00
Wow I am so in awe of this challenge you have taken on- really wish you the best of luck -
Best, Teana
Jessica : "Thanks Teana for the support and good wishes! "
20 okt 2018
Samira Abbadi € 50,00
Proud of you Jessica. Go for it!
Jessica : "Thank you for your generosity, Samira "
20 okt 2018
Lesley Livingston € 89,29
Jessica : "Thanks, Les, for your generosity!! "
29 jun 2018
Jessica Shinnick € 1.250,00
Jessica : "So grateful for the generosity of my dear friends and family, who donated in honor of my 50th!
Many thanks to:
Bill and Nanette
Jim and Tina
Emma and Karen
Carol, Jude and family
Kelly and Chris
Natalie and Linda
Amy and Rick
04 mei 2018
Holli O'donnell € 66,96
Jessica : "Many thanks, Holli and Chris! This makes a difference!"
27 apr 2018
James Shinnick € 446,43
Jessica : "This is above and beyond, Uncle Jim! Thank you thank you and thank you again! This not only helps me towards my goal, but will really make a difference for War Child!"
27 apr 2018
Marcia Palamara € 44,64
Jessica : "Thank you thank you, Marsh! "
27 apr 2018
Jerry & Lori Ayash € 89,29
Jessica : "Thanks so much Jerry and Lori for your generous donation!!"
27 apr 2018
Tammy Justin € 89,29
Jessica : "Tammy, thank you for your generosity! "
27 apr 2018
Melanie Powitz € 44,64
Jessica : "Thank you so much for your donation, Mel! It means a lot"
27 apr 2018
Ann Scanlon-Smith € 178,57
Jessica : "Wow, Ann, I’m speechless! Thank you so much for your generosity"
18 apr 2018
Joanna and Steve Galinski € 100,00
Jessica : "Many thanks Jo and Steve!! "
13 apr 2018
Jennifer Courtney Neill € 89,29
Jessica : "Thanks so much for your generous donation, Jen!!"
13 apr 2018
Ellen Grelecki € 89,29
Jessica : "First donation :-) thank you thank you Momma for your generosity!!"
04 apr 2018

Streefbedrag € 3.000,00
Ingezameld € 3.113,92
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01-11-2018 - 22:11

Last weekend in the Ardennes- training, learning more about War Child and the details of the climb, and getting to know the rest of the group I’ll be climbing with. Had both a ‘boot camp’ experience and practiced climbing and descending in steep rocky/slippery conditions. Added some photos here to give an impression. This is definitely going to be a challenge...

20-10-2018 - 10:20

100 days to go!
In the last couple of months, have been walking 15+km every weekend, having weekly sessions with a personal trainer, and climbing every flight of stairs I come across. Sometimes hard to keep focused, but know the body needs to be in the best shape possible...