Jessica Shinnick Kili-Challenge 2019

In January/February 2019,I plan to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest mountain in Africa. This is a 7 day climb (5 1/2 days up and 1 1/2 days down) which is organized by the Mountain Network in Amsterdam, with the aim of raising money for the charity War Child. This will be a big personal challenge, but does not even compare to the challenge of being a child living in a country which is at war. Please read about the work of this charity, and consider a donation to this worthy cause.
Dontations made from the US can be made through:
At the bottom of the form, under "Donation to specific person", please write "Jessica Shinnick- Kili Challenge 2019"

Naam Bedrag Bericht Datum
Jessica Shinnick € 1.250,00
Jessica : "So grateful for the generosity of my dear friends and family, who donated in honor of my 50th!
Many thanks to:
Bill and Nanette
Jim and Tina
Emma and Karen
Carol, Jude and family
Kelly and Chris
Natalie and Linda
Amy and Rick
04 mei 2018
Holli O'donnell € 66,96
Jessica : "Many thanks, Holli and Chris! This makes a difference!"
27 apr 2018
James Shinnick € 446,43
Jessica : "This is above and beyond, Uncle Jim! Thank you thank you and thank you again! This not only helps me towards my goal, but will really make a difference for War Child!"
27 apr 2018
Marcia Palamara € 44,64
Jessica : "Thank you thank you, Marsh! "
27 apr 2018
Jerry & Lori Ayash € 89,29
Jessica : "Thanks so much Jerry and Lori for your generous donation!!"
27 apr 2018
Tammy Justin € 89,29
Jessica : "Tammy, thank you for your generosity! "
27 apr 2018
Melanie Powitz € 44,64
Jessica : "Thank you so much for your donation, Mel! It means a lot"
27 apr 2018
Ann Scanlon-Smith € 178,57
Jessica : "Wow, Ann, I’m speechless! Thank you so much for your generosity"
18 apr 2018
Joanna and Steve Galinski € 100,00
Jessica : "Many thanks Jo and Steve!! "
13 apr 2018
Jennifer Courtney Neill € 89,29
Jessica : "Thanks so much for your generous donation, Jen!!"
13 apr 2018
Ellen Grelecki € 89,29
Jessica : "First donation :-) thank you thank you Momma for your generosity!!"
04 apr 2018

Streefbedrag € 2.500,00
Ingezameld € 2.488,40
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