Kili-Challenge 2018: RunnING up that hill!

Kate Bush’ song ‘Running up that hill’ originally was titled ‘Deal with God’.
Afraid this song would not be played in any religious country, she called it ‘Running up that hill’.

She once explained that this song was about a man and a woman trying to understand each other.
The only way to achieve this, she thought, would be a deal with God.

What if this song was not just about a man and a woman. What if it was about the world.
How nice would it be if we could understand and respect each other a little bit more.
How nice would it be if we could stop all the wars in the world. How nice would it be if all children could grow up in peace. How nice…..

Even if I would be religious I know that it is not possible to make this deal, that is why I made the decision to ‘run up that hill’ instead.
And….if I do the running (or crawling) part…can I please ask you to do the DONATE BIG* part?!

*No worries I will fund my own journey….all the money we raise with this challenge goes directly to the activities of War Child

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09 sep 2017

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