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What was your favorite thing about childhood? Was it a game; a particular place; a toy? Now imagine you didn't have that...or safety, security and stability. Imagine not being able to go to school or eat your favorite foods or play with your friends. Even worse, imagine growing up living in fear for your life. That is the reality for many children who were born into conflict areas. War Child's mission is to protect and educate these children and in 2016 they reached over 375K people, with 84% of their money going directly to projects supporting their mission.

I learned about War Child through one of my favorite musical artists who has done benefit shows and tours in support of War Child UK (there are many branches including the US, Canada, Holland and Australia). I recently went to one of those shows and started a conversation with one of my friends about how devastating it is to think about kids not being able to have a carefree and fun childhood (because we sure did). We agreed that we couldn't think of many things worse than that. She started looking into job opportunities with War Child and came across the Kilimanjaro Challenge on the Holland site. She sent it to me thinking it might be something I consider doing, which is how you find yourself reading this page. I will hopefully spend ten days in January climbing (really just hiking) Kilimanjaro, the largest peak in Africa (actually a volcano), if I can raise about $3000. I apologize in advanced for the many Snows of Kilimanjaro and Toto references I make on social media. I really do believe in this organization and think this is a hugely worthy cause. I don't have many skills in the way of supporting humanitarian causes but I do enjoy hiking so I am doing what I can to support an important and distinguished organization, while also accomplishing a personal goal I didn't think I would get to until much later in life.

ALL of the money, every single cent, raised here will go directly to War Child. None of the money will be going to my personal costs.

If you're still not sold, give me a call so we can chat about it more or check out this page to learn more about War Child and their work: And if you are someone who gets me a present for Christmas or my birthday, I'd love to trade that in for some support here. But no matter who you are, if you can give even something miniscule--THANK YOU, IT IS APPRECIATED.

As an addendum, if you do donate, you have to write my name (Rebecca Gustine) in the description/comments section for the money to go to my fundraising page, otherwise it will just go to the main donation account.

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Samantha Sawyer € 42,43
17 nov 2017
Carrie Lawrence-Bosse € 84,87
17 nov 2017
Frank Bevvino € 84,87
17 nov 2017
Laura Kearney € 84,87
17 nov 2017
Andrea Borowiecki € 84,87
17 nov 2017
Nancy Dolde € 42,43
17 nov 2017
Thomas Ingala € 42,43
17 nov 2017

Goal € 2.800,00
Raised € 466,77
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